Living The Word Bible Institute & Evangelism Center
Our Mission
At Living the Word Bible Institute, we are commited to discovering our Hebrew Roots.
Our desire is to know  Jesus Christ intimately. 
The Scriptures have called each one of us to love and know Him...
 We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. 
Jesus gives us His Spirit of Truth and Life!  
We invite you to pray: Jesus, I ask your forgiveness for going my own way in this life. I invite  Jesus to be my Lord!  
You are the Way, the Truth and the Life!  
Thank you for giving me a new heart and accepting me unconditionally into the Family of God.
Thank you for filling me with Your Precious Holy Spirit and teaching me to walk in Your Ways!
Amen! According to the Word of God, you are now born again!! Feel Free to contact us to rejoice with you and share materials to grow in your faith. We can't wait to share about God's unfailing love to you!
To Him who overcomes:
What happens when boulders attempt to close down the flow of the River of Life through you.  Part of our mission is to see all of our spiritual wells flowing freely.  The rocks or apparent boulders are meant to stop  the flow of the river of Life from one heart to another heart. The largest boulder blocked the tomb of Jesus Christ yet the power of God shook heaven and earth and moved the stone away. It could not stand in the way of God's plans and purposes. As our lives are  humbled and we  allow God's Word and power to reach deep. We are set free!  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!  John 8:38 Gal. 5:1 Gal.6:1

​- Ann Hume