Living The Word Bible Institute & Evangelism Center

About Us

Mark is a Pastor/Director of Living the Word Bible Institute. He has been in ministry for about 40 years, and that includes going on mission trips to Africa & Mexico, pastoring at churches, and sharing about the Kingdom from a Hebraic foundation.  
He is also an adjunct instructor at Oak Hills/Mocahum Bible College in Bemidji, MN.
Mark is continuing his Biblical studies through Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is ordained with ICCM. 
Mark walks in a powerful anointing sharing the wisdom of God's Word.  

Ann graduated from the University of MN/dental hygiene school in 1982, she fully surrendered her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.God opened her spiritual eyes to see people with a new heart  and passion to reach the lost with the powerful message of Jesus Christ and a flame began to grow in her heart with the desire to obey and see God's Kingdom and Love touch and minister to hearts. Ann is ordained with ICCM as an evangelist and currently along with anointed members assisting in worship at Living the Word Bible Institute.

God has blessed them with six children,  Their children ages range from 26 to 17.
Mark and Ann are currently resided at West Leaf Lake.